Lessons learned from Lybia – don’t make friends in Facebook

Facebook was the key communication medium in the Egyptian People’s Revolution. It helped to build a new community and a new conscience. This si fine when the revolution is successfull and the autocratic regimes cannot exploit Facebook to identify and punish the members of the revolution network. However, if the revolution fails or it takes a long time to overcome the old regime, Facebook is an invitation to police, secret service and other organizations suppressing the people. They just can look up friends in Facebook and identify all the people participating in the fight for freedom. There is especially one missing security feature. When you search for a person you can see all the friends of a Facebook member. Thus the members of political groups are easy to identify and the nice Facebook functions may even endanger the lives of your friends. It is highly recommended to use protected private social network platforms hosted in countries with good privacy laws in case you are not sure that your political opponents can’t fight back.

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